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Автор: Рассказ добавлен:13.11.2007
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Hi you there,


I’m Joana and want to share my summer’s impressions with you. This summer I had a great opportunity to take part in Work in Casinos program and to see US as well.

The job has been offered by one of the largest casino in the world – Mogehan  Sun, in Connecticut’s State. I couldn’t even imagine the casino is going to be so impressive – much greater than I have ever seen on the movies.


I came to US on the 11th of Julie, 2007 with one of my girl- friend. The next day we had an orientation, where we both and all the other students had been splitted in to smaller groups and introduced to the general order of the casino. By the way, all the information related to the filling of documents was detail presented as well. There were quite a high number of students from eastern European countries in this orientation, so we were are able to find many friend – It’s awesome! J After this orientation, all the students get their own course data. It takes about 2 weeks getting the work’s license, however during this time you have free learning courses.


Before leaving to US I had no idea, what kind of work exactly I am going to work there. The only thing what I knew, was that, I am situated in so called “shared labour” section. This section is special because of his additional job places assurance, where the work hours are longer then by others departaments J Of course, it doesn‘t mean that somebody will force you to work hard J If you don‘t want to work a long time, you can just quit this additional hours anytime, but if you want to travel, to see the country and to earn money, then.... J For exaple, I worked 40-60 hours per week. We also had 2 days off, but during your free time,of course if you want, you can just call the employers and ask to work J


As I have allready mentioned, we had no idea, what kind of work we are going to work exactly, after our arrival. As it turned out, me and my girl- friend had to work as quardsman. This job is not hard, but you have to stand quite a long time (there are jobs, where you can sit as well). So we had been standing in special posts exchanging with eatch other every 2 hours. During the shift we had 4 posts. As far as I remember, we were the only one who have been called as „live maps“: poeple asked continiuolsy where they are situated/located and we had to help them J People are very kind and friendly, sometimes they ask where are you from,  they want to know more about your country. J We also have to protect „big, important“ players“, to give slots (sometimes we had to carry million value slots), to accompany the co-workers, wich had to transfer money from one to other casino and etc. The work was very different, every single day had offered something new. The additional houres, as many other people, we got in the arena, where ussaly the baskat- ball and concerts take place. We had the greate opportunity not only to hear, but also to see Beyonce‘s, Justin Timberlake‘s, Josh Groban‘s, Lifehouse‘s, Goo Goo Dolls, Kanye West‘s, Stained‘s and many other  concerts. We had to ensure the public order in the arenas, and sometimes, if there was any conflict, to call the head office. By the way, we allways had with us the personal Mobile Radios, wich helped us to keep in touch with supervisors and others officiers in difficul situations.

There are warm and friendly atmosphere among casino‘s workers, everyone is ready to help you when it‘s needded. I have heard any complaints, a bad or angry words. It‘s doesn‘t matter where do you work- everyone praise your job, what helps you to feel better and useful for the casino. Thus, the job is like a celebration. J


There are something about 10 000 workers in the casino. Among them, during the summer, 500 were polish, 300 –ukrainians and 9 lithuanians. By the end of this program, before leaving US, all the workers ate the cake together with the master of the casino. It was realy very sad to leave this place.:( Till now I keep in touch e with my friends and  I can‘t stop waiting for my next visit to this Mogehan Sun Casino J


The American Life: We lived in Norwich town, in the State of Connecticut. After the arrival to US, we get to know that living place we have to find by our selfs, but it didn‘t scared us- the living place we found in half a day. We just called to some people from the advertisment on internet and that‘s all J (www.craigslist.com- here you can find some accomodation advertisments). Allready before going to US it‘s  recommended to find the accomodation. It‘s possilbe to rent a room,  flat (costs about 600$ + per month +deposite, wich is going later to be returned), or even a whole house! There live usally about 4-5 people in the flat, thats why the rent is quite cheep. The rent of house seeks 1000$-1200$ per month, but if there live 8-10 people it  isn‘t  a high sum. The livelihood is not very expensive. The food at the work was for free and we could eate several times per day , what helped us to save up the money. There are, of course, big markets, where you are able to buy a food very cheeply/by lower prices.


The traffic. There is no problems related to traffic connection. We went to the work by bus, wich took and left us door – to – door. You can catch the bus very often and it cost for you only 1.25 USD. Sometimes the same co- workers offered us to bring back to home. Finnaly, you can rent a car, what is very useful if you want to travelJ


Because we had a lot of work, we hadn‘t had much time to travel. Everything what I saw is Boston, Philadelphia, Niagra Falls, ocean, Rode Island Beach, other students were in the California, New York, Washington . There is realy many things to see, that‘s why I am impatient waiting to come back to US, and also offer to feel it by everyones own hands- it is realy worth, believe me J !!!

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