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Work in Casinos 2

Автор: Рассказ добавлен:13.11.2007
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I and my girl -friend got the same job and even in the same casino- what is realy amazing! So we worked in Mohegan Sun Casino, in the State of Connecticut. This is one of the largest and most expensive casino in USA. To get a job in there is quite difficult thing.


We came to America in the middle of Julie, and came back in the middle of September, so we spent 3 month in US, and worked – 2.5 month, because the other time took preparation of license, what is necessary for casino jobs. By the way, the free orientations seminars took about 10 days also. I and my girl- friend had been working as guardsman in the casino J  we had to talk via Mobile radio stations, to learn by heart many different codes and etc. The job is not difficult, well maybe just a little bit, ‘cause we spent all the time standing or walking. It’s was very interesting: we had to meet many engagements, to carry slots valued by 500. 000 $ and etc. There where, many prohibitions as well, because it‘s not simple job, but job in the casino. We both worked at nigths, since middnight till 8 am. Sometimes we worked in the arenas, where a lot of concerts and other simillar events took place. Sometimes we had to work double shifts, it was hard  because of lack of sleep. Despite this, the work in the arenas rather was celibration and watching concerts, then a job. We had a great opportunity to see Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, rascall Flatts, Kenya West and many others. We not only saw this super stars, but also had been even paid for this.


About money: many students brought back computers, photo camers and etc. For one work hour we got 9$ . A lot of money you can earn working as croupier, everything what‘s is necessary-  just to pass special courses for it, but if you plan to stay for a longer time, it‘s realy worth to take this courses and get a croupier position, where you can eran (with tips) about 24$ per hour.!!!!

I had 3 living places during the whole time spent in US. At the begining of my visit I lived by one chinese, in a very small room, wich cost 300$ per month for each. Later we found another place, but also get the problems with the lessor and moved to other place – house, where I lived together with lithuanians and paid just 200$ include taxes. My advice is- before going to US – try to find an appartament, in such way you can avoid many problems and save up your money.


After the end of our job contract, we had 4 days left till the return flight, that‘s why we hadn‘t enought time to travel, but despite this, we saw Boston, New York, Filadelphia, Niagara Falls and other towns.


If you had an opportunity , I throuly recommend you to go to US. It is realy worth to go there if you wanna see big cities, metro, to feel and try self- dependet life. It also increase your english skills, helps to introduce to americans and their daily life style (they are wery thrifty, never hurry and etc).

Don‘t miss the chance to get the job in casinos, because it‘s very interesting and good paid job, opening the whole casino „kitchen“.



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